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There’s a constant in life’s rituals. They sooth. They comfort. They protect.

My older Sister and I were in the kitchen standing by the sink a couple of years ago when she suddenly asked me if I knew something that made her aware that our Mother was somewhat looney (in a good way). I responded “what?” She picked up a glass and turned the water on, partially filled the glass (less than an inch of water) poured it out, then refilled it to the top of the glass and took a drink.

All of us kids fill our glasses of water with the same ritual. A small amount of water, dump, fill to the top. An old farmer ritual from the past to wash any dirt, dust, debris or bugs from the drinking cup hanging on the pump handle.

None of us have become ill or died from toxins in our water glasses… Works every time.

Bloggers are an interesting sort. I follow a few that cover a wide range of topics, talent and ages. It’s not something I planned on doing. You don’t grow up thinking “gosh, some day I hope to be sitting in front of a computer monitor for hours strolling though other people’s thoughts.”

It simply happens.

The corn was harvested from the field out the valley to the northeast from my home the past couple of days. On FB I posted a photo and wrote about how there were corn thieves on the loose here in SW Iowa. Deer I stated. Nasty little corn stealing critters they are. I was surprised at the number of folk that responded to the photo and the comment.

Wow I thought. If we had the ability to better the planet by sharing thoughts and mental treasures with each other, would we? Could we?

Say a farmer in some remote village in the back parts of Kuzerkistania (imaginary country because I don’t want to offend any particular area of the planet) stumbled on to my blog and found that burglars were actually making off with my family’s corn, would they have an emotional reaction? Astounded at the idea of corn thugs. I’m sure they’d be more than – hang on, the phone’s ringing. Who would be calling me at this time of day…

OK, I’m back. Now where was I? Oh yeah, Mr. Farmer from that 4th world country learning of my corn thieves.

A sincere emotional reaction from ¬†thousands of miles away by someone I’ve never met, nor will probably ever meet. Human compassion and caring at the most unfeigned levels. From a joke about the corn harvest on our farm… Human kind can only prosper and benefit from these sorts of interactions. Who knows, maybe world peace is possible. Could we actually cure the common cold? Is wingless flight possible? Where the hell did I put the remote?!?

Feeding the planet is kind of important. My Dad installed the electronic guidance systems on Atlas missiles to carry nuclear weapons to the Soviet block countries and all I have to show for it is a field of corn.

Did you realize that all women love a man with a full head of hair? Evidently it’s true according to the commercial I just saw on TV. Yep Dylan and Tony and TJ, you guys are not appealing to women. Sad but true. Just ask the guy on the Hair Club for Men announcer. You might as well not even try to have relationships with your women. They will not accept the fact that your head is shaven. GIve it up boys. It’s over. Women prefer old grey haired guys with pot bellies and bad posture AND HAIR in stead of bald guys. :). ¬† I win.

Having a hot tub requires a bit of responsibility in life. There’s the weekly shocking of the water with the very nasty chemical that for an hour flows through the unit killing all forms of nasty bacterial life. It’s so powerful that the hot tub cover “must be left off or it may be damaged” according to the bottle it comes in. That warning always causes me to carefully open the spa shock bottle and not get any on my skin.

Besides the weekly shocking, there’s the tablespoon of chlorine that must be added after every use of the tub. I suppose that is to rid the water of the cooties left behind from which ever human happened to be sitting in it. Nice gesture on our part to purge all evidence of us having been in the water. This keeps the tub fresh and clear for the next user. Awww. Clear warm water ready for soaking our tired old bones and muscles. Delightful.

I was sitting on the deck, having shocked the hot tub an hour plus earlier (therefore the cover was off) and was about to get up and close the cover. The cover protects the water from falling debris and also insulates the tub making it easier to keep the water at it’s body soothing 101 degree temperature. It’s a good thing. Our cats enjoy sitting on the cover while observing the events and individuals throughout the back yard and the barnyard.

Our part time house cat Chirp came running up the boardwalk that parallels the deck at a high rate of speed. She was a much younger cat at the time and was lacking both experience and wisdom. Leaping from the boardwalk, she flew over the side walls of the hot tub not realizing the cover was off.

If you’d grown up with Loonie-Tunes or Merrie Melodies cartoons, you’ve seen cats jump straight up in the air a couple of feet off the ground and then shoot sideways at the apex of their leap, leaving the visual area of the television set. Replace the cartooned feline and insert an image of Chirp and you have the sight that I beheld. Chirp literally shot straight up and then blew across the yard (in the air) sideways and out of the visual area of the back yard.

I got up and closed the hot tub cover.

“Tha-tha-tha-Tha-THAT’s All Folks.”

It is currently 41 minutes after midnight and I’ve had 2 people read my blog. Don’t these folk have a life? I myself do not have a life, although I occasionally step away from the computer and exit the farm house and do something entertaining. For example, we went to Prairie Hawk Vineyard and Winery tonight and listened to Brich and Killion (a fine musical act that plays the soundtrack to my life – as a buddy of mine stated at the last B&K concert). We tapped our toes and sang along – mostly out of key – and had a great time.

But of course old habits resurface and now it’s blogging time 46 minutes after midnight and you’re reading this… I guess that says a bunch about both of us. Thanks for sharing my insomniac moments of the day. I hope your night goes well and you get plenty of rest.

Don’t you realize it’s well passed your bedtime young man?!? Sweet dreams…

Just waiting on the sunshine

The folk in the newspaper said “we will be close to the record low overnight” but I don’t believe they were speaking of my farm. We got well below the record. It was 43 degrees on the porch thermometer at the man-shed this morning. That’s chilly for August. That is unless you live in Antarctica (if you don’t believe me ask a penguin).

Hershey Dog is curled up on the pillows in her dog house awaiting the sun so she can layout and absorb its (sic) rays warmth. Chuck Cat is positioned comfortably on the wicker table deck side looking to the east as well. Me. I’m stuck on the couch under a blanket next to an opened window remembering the 100 degree weather we’ve had over the past couple of months wondering why anyone would live in a nasty climate like this… Continuously changing. Usually uncomfortable. Rarely perfect.

Maybe I should get up and close the windows…

The absolute best comment directed at me by a woman for a very long time occurred at my office the other day…

…”I may be wearing a dress, but I always have on my sassy pants!”

I enjoy my co-workers… and women… especially my wife Walley… You know, just in case she reads my blog today.