Do silly rituals prevent disaster? Yeah. I really think they do.

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Hershey's Life

There’s a constant in life’s rituals. They sooth. They comfort. They protect.

My older Sister and I were in the kitchen standing by the sink a couple of years ago when she suddenly asked me if I knew something that made her aware that our Mother was somewhat looney (in a good way). I responded “what?” She picked up a glass and turned the water on, partially filled the glass (less than an inch of water) poured it out, then refilled it to the top of the glass and took a drink.

All of us kids fill our glasses of water with the same ritual. A small amount of water, dump, fill to the top. An old farmer ritual from the past to wash any dirt, dust, debris or bugs from the drinking cup hanging on the pump handle.

None of us have become ill or died from toxins in our water glasses… Works every time.

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