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This is my girlfriend of the past 37 years cleaning a saddle in our dining room. It’s not a particularly flattering photo of her (I really hope she doesn’t see this blog or I’m a dead man – “Why would you put that stupid photo up online?” she would ask in that tone of voice only the husbands out there can imagine) but it’s real. Walley is one of the most honest folk I know. She sees the world in ways that cause me to smile.

There’s sincerity in Jayna’s ideas. She takes in her observations and quietly judges the situation(s). I can almost predict how she will react to certain events, people, places, news… It’s probably from observing Walley for these past several decades. She’s not judgmental, she simply has a point of view.

Too many times have I been taught by Jayna to look at things in a different way. Her cogitation(s) are an interesting portion of my life. My existence is better because of Walley.

I can only hope that you have a “Walley” in your life.