Posted: May 1, 2016 in Hershey's Life

A short story…

I watched a man stick his head and shoulders into a covered garbage can in front of the Spaghetti Works. He reached in and pulled out a paper coffee cup with the plastic sipping lid still on it. You know the type of cup. It was similar to the Scooters or Starbucks cups you see folks drinking from as they walk about the Old Market. Myself, I was heading to meet friends and co-workers for Marie’s retirement celebration at Trinis. I imagined this luncheon would prove to be filling far beyond the stage of bloated discomfort…

The scruffily dressed man shook the cup to see if there was anything left in it. He then took the lid off and drank whatever beverage was left over. Coffee? Tea? I don’t really have any idea what it was.

Our eyes met as he threw the cup and lid back into the trash can. It was an uncomfortable moment for me. I didn’t know what an appropriate protocol was to his glaring stare. I nodded my head at him as we passed and went on my way. He hurriedly walked by me and headed down the street in the opposite direction.

I wanted to turn and see where he was off to but I resisted that urge. He was on his way. I was on mine.

It’s not your normal experience while walking to lunch.

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