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The following story from a friend of mine who lives on a farm in SW Iowa with several cats, a rather large dog, some offspring of her and her husband, a few equine, chickens, a wood burning stove, and most importantly, her imagination. 
This is country life in Iowa at it’s best…
I have been thinking for a week about how to share this story tactfully, but as a few of my friends pointed out – why start now? So, for those of you who have high standards, you probably just want to keep scrolling. And be aware – I know which of you just move a little closer to the screen. 
Our cat Gir recently entered the teenage years, and has shown an “interest” in … everything. Young females, spade females, Our friend, Lucky. Feeling Lucky had more things to worry about than warding off the physical advances of his cousin-brother, we had Gir neutered. 
Not much changed – Gir was still “interested” in every one, and with no love coming back his way. Then he met … Possum. 
Possum recently became a fixture at our farm after an unfortunate misunderstanding of what our poultry eating policy is. Past events have taught me to wait to remove a carcass until you are sure it is a carcass, and not just an angry animal with a head injury, so I left him there for morning. The next day it was confirmed he was not only no longer a threat, but he wasn’t going anywhere on his own or otherwise, as this is winter in Iowa, and he was now frozen solid to the ground. 
While this may be wrong on so, soooo many levels – it worked out great for Gir. He found his new friend Possum, and after several minutes of courting, he had yet to be shot down … (In compliance with the Facebook policy on community standards, I’m leaving out the rest. You’re welcome). 
You can’t help who you love. I think it’s still a one way relationship, but they both seem okay with it, so I’m leaving it alone. I just hope Gir has developed other interests by the next day warm enough for the ground to thaw.