Hershey’s diary… From the dog perspective


Wednesday, August 22, 2012, 0632:

John and I enjoy sitting on the deck in the morning together while he ingests a bit of caffeine. He will always pull the wicker (with cushion) love seat over next to the arm rest of his wicker chair so that I can lay down next to him as he sips his beverage. It’s an arrangement we’ve had for a few years now.

This morning it was quite chilly for a day that will get into the 90s so a blanket was wrapped around his legs as I approached from my dog house they built me last year. I crawled up on the love seat and John scratched my neck and the top of my head. Lying down on the cushion in a semi-curled fashion it was obvious to me that John needed the company this morning.

He seemed to be watching the cornfield towards where the sun rises over the trees down by the creek (as it usually does). What was he watching for. I couldn’t smell anything in the air. There was no visual of animals/critters sneaking through my domain. Nothing out of the norm, just the light getting brighter over the creek.

Suddenly John grabbed the brown towel from the chair Jayna had sat in the evening before (she does the towel thing to keep her pajamas from getting dog and cat hair on them) and covered me up with it. It’s a nice gesture on his part. It makes me believe that I’m his favorite chocolate lab on the farm (as he tells me almost daily). Snuggling down deeper on the cushioned love seat was even more comfortable now as John laid his arm across my shoulders and scratched me under the chin.

John took another swallow of his Coke Zero and continued petting my head and neck.

A rattling of horse pen panels caught John’s attention. It wasn’t a sharp banging sound as when one of those large four legged things kicks at the horse in the next pen. It was just a vigorous shaking noise. John peered under the two trees next to the deck to see if he could see what was going on. He said he couldn’t see any thing or critter moving about. No noticeable movement of any particular horse. The sound had stopped so John again started massaging my ears (which is one of my favorite things when lying on a chair on the deck).

Again the rattling in the area of the horse pens. Was one of them stuck in the panels like I’ve seen in the past when one of those silly horses rolls over in the dirt too close to the fence? Nope. No stuck horses John informed me after he looked to make sure they were all OK. Maybe the pasture horses had escaped during the night and were now trying to get to the pen horse’s feed.

Could it be a puma? I’ve chased many of them from the farmstead over the years. Or maybe bears. Bears are not very nice. I seen cartoons of them snatching picnic baskets and fibbing to park rangers.  Gosh… What if it was a deer?!? I hate deer! They walk through the farmstead all the time just taunting me… They are the Al-Kind-A of the neighborhood. Raiding the orchards and gardens of our neighbors. Now they could be trying to steal all of Jayna’s big round bales of  grass hay she’s purchased to feed the pasture horses this winter! Worse yet, they could be heading for the young orchard trees to eat them to the ground like they’ve done to the north vineyard! Dang! I need to get up from my comfortable resting place and chase them from the property saving us from their treachery!

John reaches over and starts scratching the back of my neck again… Or. Maybe I’ll just stay here on the love seat next to my buddy John and let Garage Cat take care of the deer…

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