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Bloggers are an interesting sort. I follow a few that cover a wide range of topics, talent and ages. It’s not something I planned on doing. You don’t grow up thinking “gosh, some day I hope to be sitting in front of a computer monitor for hours strolling though other people’s thoughts.”

It simply happens.

The corn was harvested from the field out the valley to the northeast from my home the past couple of days. On FB I posted a photo and wrote about how there were corn thieves on the loose here in SW Iowa. Deer I stated. Nasty little corn stealing critters they are. I was surprised at the number of folk that responded to the photo and the comment.

Wow I thought. If we had the ability to better the planet by sharing thoughts and mental treasures with each other, would we? Could we?

Say a farmer in some remote village in the back parts of Kuzerkistania (imaginary country because I don’t want to offend any particular area of the planet) stumbled on to my blog and found that burglars were actually making off with my family’s corn, would they have an emotional reaction? Astounded at the idea of corn thugs. I’m sure they’d be more than – hang on, the phone’s ringing. Who would be calling me at this time of day…

OK, I’m back. Now where was I? Oh yeah, Mr. Farmer from that 4th world country learning of my corn thieves.

A sincere emotional reaction from ┬áthousands of miles away by someone I’ve never met, nor will probably ever meet. Human compassion and caring at the most unfeigned levels. From a joke about the corn harvest on our farm… Human kind can only prosper and benefit from these sorts of interactions. Who knows, maybe world peace is possible. Could we actually cure the common cold? Is wingless flight possible? Where the hell did I put the remote?!?

Feeding the planet is kind of important. My Dad installed the electronic guidance systems on Atlas missiles to carry nuclear weapons to the Soviet block countries and all I have to show for it is a field of corn.