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Awakened by a calendar notification on my phone this morning. I set it for an hour before the meeting but forgot to use military time. 0530 is much different that 1730 to my tele.

I figured that I might as well get up, grab some caffeine, and head out on to the deck to enjoy the early morning beginning of the day. As I stepped out onto the deck the visual impact of what possibly could be the most breath takingly magnificent sunrise I’ve ever witnessed smacked the sleepiness from my eyes. I immediately turned and returned to the house to grab the Nikon D7000 – which already had a wide angle lens attached – in an attempt to record this phenom.

I set my caffeine on the kitchen table, rushed in to the front room and grabbed the camera, and headed outside, almost knocking over a kitchen chair in my haste. The brilliantly colored sky had not progressed too far. I was in luck. This could be the best sunrise photo of my generation.

Then I noticed it. The switch was left on over night after down loading photos of our progress being made of the cement pour under the porch of the new store here at the farm. Photos that I take for “posterity’s benefit.” Nothing more than mundane images of stakes, string, forms and rocks.

It was only a few hours that had passed since preserving those images to the computer. Maybe the battery hadn’t drained completely I hoped. Possibly the camera gods were on my side. I’ve lived a good life recently – certain karma of the positive should be passing my way… There would be HD video and several incredible photos of this┬áprodigious visual that only our Maker could orchestrate in our heavens above.

Nope… dead as a door nail. Where’s my caffeine?