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I had forgotten about living in the desert because I’d been away from SW Utah since the 1970s. I always felt that living in Iowa was a better idea. You stuck a seed in the ground. It grew. That’s all it took.

In Utah they dug ditches (they call them canals) and direct water to their gardens, fields, lawns, children, etc. Here in the midwest, it simply rains.

Well evidently I’ve moved back to the desert. My Sister Pam and her neighbors had torrential rains for 3 or 4 days last week out there in Hurricane, Utah. I’d imagine the desert flowers will be looking rather spectacular over the next few weeks. That is unless the flash floods (it is a desert after all) don’t wash away the seeds and landscape.

We had another hot day today. Something like the 49th day in a row above 121 degrees F. We are supposed to be in the 100s for the next several days. At least the mosquitos are minimal.

I believe Mars has a similar atmosphere. Ray Bradbury wrote several times about how similar Iowa was to the surface of Mars on a hot day. Or maybe that was the African plains stories I read in my youth. I’m having trouble remembering all of the details precisely. The heat seems to have affected my synapsis and memory.

Well needless to say, I think I may start digging ditches (canals) and hoping for a massive humidity drop. Because of course we all know… It’s not so much the heat… Yeah. Right!