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It’s funny how life is. It’s funnier how the female brain works.

Last year our stallion Emron Kheno was turned out with one of our mares “to see if he’d quit pacing about so much.” Well he quit pacing for just long enough to procreate his last foal that was born this morning. Handsome little guy this new colt. His mom is doing quite well – and being a terrific first time mother.

When we had to have Kheno put down last winter it was tough on this particular horse guy. I met Kheno in the pasture almost 3 decades ago when I walked up to check on our expectant mares. I discovered a fine black bay colt standing in the early morning light next to his mother Rorbeck Rena. He came over and introduced himself when Rena was getting her neck scratched. Foals are an amazing addition to any farm. The idea that this 4-legged animal toddling about, making it’s mother slightly crazy while trying to be sure her new born is safe, was just plopped on the ground a few short minutes ago is almost not comprehendible. Nature is an amazing thing(s).

So my Wife has been lamenting for the past several months about having “another mouth to feed” in the pasture. On and on she would ramble on about the fact the “we should have never ran them together.” “What were we thinking?” she would ask. “Have you seen the price of hay?” “Sheeeesh! We don’t need another horse!”

Well this morning, the first thing I heard (while still asleep) was, “we have a baby” whispered softly in my ear. After realizing she was talking about our new foal, I got up and followed Jayna outside to see the new arrival. We made our way to the pen that the baby boy horse and his mother were in. Walking through the damp, dew covered grass. What a lovely morning.

The mare was eating her morning hay as we approached the fence. She looked up and nuzzled her colt and they both walked a short distance away from the new visitors. Jayna and I stood with our two dogs admiring this new project of Pony Creek Farm.

Using her sweet, little girl voice, Jayna was heard to say “isn’t he soooo cute” thus undoing several months of fretting over the price of hay…